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Special Application Lifts

Here at ErgoLifts, we realize that no one solution can fit all applications.  This is why we have developed the "Two-Person" Lift with separate controls, a complete "Workstation" lift to facilitate paper-flow while maintaining ergonomic integrity as well as a variety of special purpose lifts to meet whatever the end-user requires.  Below are some examples of past projects. Whatever your requirements, Please Contact Us!
Shown here are just a few of the possibilities with ErgoLift.  With or without railings.  Dual controls eliminate over-reaching. End covers eliminate pinching!
Presses and Plastic injection molding machines, just name two are designed with the idea that everyone is one height. This mindset results in:
Only ErgoLift offers the versatility to enable conversion to a complete work station as shown here. Note the automatic gate.
  • Fatigue
  • Over reaching injuries
  • Back Injuries
  • Repetitive motion injury
  • Possible OHSA violations

A safe, ergonomically designed work environment will result in higher output, fewer lost days due to injury and a more productive workforce.
This lift required no railings.  It was designed to fit between
lines. Notice the safety,
pinch-free steps located at both ends for convenience.
Let your imagination be your guide!
Ergonomics means less downtime, increased
productivity and a better bottom line. Call Today!



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